Magical families in magical locations make my "job" as a photographer just that...MAGICAL! If I could spend the rest of my days writing and photographing, I'd be thrilled. I love to put my pen on paper (I'm still 'old school' and prefer handwritten over typed), without any agenda, and see what comes out. Photography is no different. Before a session I charge my battery. Format my memory cards. Pack my lenses. And without any agenda, I click to capture a scene or chapter or bridge that makes up a story. Your story. Or maybe your children's story. Or possibly your parent's story. A story that unfolds now only to be told and retold for years and generations to come. And for me, that's some kind of magic.

Also, Spring & Summer sessions are in full swing. Perhaps the question I'm asked most frequently is: "Should I book a Spring/Summer session or a Fall session for my family?" And quite honestly, it depends on two factors: location and clothing. If bountiful blossoms and bare feet are what you envision, the former may be better. But if Fall foliage and the very start of sweater weather are more appealing, my recommendation is the latter.


{the G R A Y family}

There have been a handful of times in my life where the setting before me proved impossible to adequately capture on camera. In California, it was the sensational sunsets. In Colorado, it was the mighty mountains. In Oregon, it was the beautiful beaches. And just recently, it was the glory of the Gray's. A family so sensational, so mighty, so beautiful, and so drenched in love that it just wasn't possible to replicate with my lens. However, they know what they have. They see it. They feel it. They live it. And whatever the outside looking in sees and feels through these images, just imagine it being magnified by ten in real life.

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{Color me H A P P Y}

Though the end of the season is near, the colorful Fall foliage is still going strong in these parts. Fall seems to have started later and lasted longer this year, as I can still look outside both my front and back doors and see the vibrant gold and orange and crimson red. In fact, the leaves have been so extraordinary this year (or perhaps it's not that they are any more extraordinary than in previous years, but it's just that we've slowed down enough to fully appreciate their beauty) that we collected our favorites, dipped them into melted beeswax, and plan to create a garland to hang and admire for many months to come (in all their preserved glory).

Along with the colors that Fall brings, it also ignites a spirit of gratitude. The kind of gratitude that is so big that it chokes out or dims the comparisons and "what I don't have" and what-the-stores-and-media-tell-me-I-need to be happy. And near the top of my list of gratitude is this: the very families that I am fortunate enough to document. Families who may be using my services for the first time or families who may be coming back for a third or fourth time. Families who trust me enough to allow their lives to candidly unfold, if only for an hour at a time, so that I can preserve their memories much like the beeswax is able to bring preservation to the leaves. And this family of five is no exception...

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{bare feet on the beach}

It's hard to beat the backdrop of a beach. Especially an Oregon beach. Sandy toes. Low lying clouds. Roaring ocean. Magical fog. Seagull chasing. Crab sighting. Shell collecting. And memories as plentiful as the grains of sand.


{to connect & create}

When I am asked to photograph a family...I have two goals in mind for every session. First, to connect and second, to create. Connecting versus directing. Playing games. Learning about the individuals that make up each family. And creating the pieces to a story that is uniquely yours. Creating images and creating space...so much so that perhaps you forget I am even off in the distance photographing your family dynamic and interactions. Over the years I have found that this approach can help calm nerves and create masterpieces. Maybe not "masterpieces" in the sense that everyone is perfectly posed...but "masterpieces" of candidness that serve as reminders of the expressions or tickle monsters or nose kisses that will spark memories and evoke emotions for years and generations to come.


{cherish today}

To the class of twenty eighteen...may this last year of high school be a great one. As your focus starts to shift from high school to the steps you plan to take immediately after, pause to soak in these moments. Family. Friends. Teachers. Even the panic that comes with few available parking spots and fewer minutes before the bell rings. You've come this far. You've got this.

And to the parents of the class of twenty eighteen...I know what you're thinking. "How can this be? Where did the years go?" Pat yourself on the backs for raising up such a delightful, inspirational, spirited class. Though the years have undeniably flown by, cherish the right here, right now. Breathe in your senior. Applaud their accomplishments. Tell them you love them. Because one day, this is the day you'll most likely want to return to.



I will be offering a handful of sessions in the Seattle area over the weekend of August 11th.  Times I have available at this point are Friday evening (August 11th) and Saturday evening (August 12th).

{l a v e n d e r}

When my daughter was a toddler, her favorite book was one called Too Purpley. We would read this little board book over and over and over. And ever since, "purpley" has become a part of our vocabulary, even though technically it is not a word supported by Webster's dictionary. When we pulled into this field, out in the middle of nowhere, there was only one thing that came to mind: PURPLEY!

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It isn't everyday that I meet someone whose kindness on the inside matches her beauty on the outside. But this young lady is an exception. When Inga, a photographer herself, initially asked if I would be interested in taking some images for her website, I felt deeply honored. I've mentioned that she is kind and beautiful and a photographer. But in addition, she just received her Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine...and already has her next goal mapped out (and in process)...a Ph.D. She founded Wild Peak Wellness in an effort to better educate individuals on their health. Whenever I have a question, from benefits of foods to how to make yogurt from scratch to which essential oils I should be selecting for my family, Inga is the first person I turn to. Once you've scrolled through her images below, please visit her website at wildpeakwellness.com. You'll be glad you did.

{Summer mini sessions}

I have been receiving a lot of questions about my mini sessions...so this is a post devoted to answering some, if not all, of those questions. Mini sessions are designed for a shorter, smaller session. The only difference from my full sessions is the cost ($325 vs. $525), the time (about a half hour vs. a full hour or more), and the end product (15 images vs. 25+ images). But if there is one thing that is the same as the full session, it's the FUN. Because thankfully, FUN isn't determined by cost or time or end product.

{Class of twenty eighteen}

If I started my photography business [10 years ago] out of my love for children, I've stuck with it out of my love for seniors. High school soon-to-be seniors, that is. They are at that point where they have lived enough life to give them a sense of direction, yet they have this whole life still ahead of them, where they can change their direction many times, at any time, and still do just fine. And while more time has passed since I was their age than I care to admit, it was one of the most memorable seasons of my life. A season I would return to in a heartbeat if given the chance, if only for a day. I feel so honored to be able to spend time with this generation. They are going to do big things. They've already begun.

Vaness 3.jpg

{SPRING is sprouting}

Spring, for me, feels like more of a fresh start than the first day of a new year. With vibrant blooms, the warmth of the sun, the blueness of the sky, and a new rhythm that involves more time spent outdoors, I can't help but feel a sense of wanting to clean up...everything from my yard to the rooms in my home to the pages on my website. Because the more I clean up and clear out, the more space it leaves for new ideas to sprout. Stay tuned for some of these new ideas, from a giveaway to new product offerings, as I will be posting more soon.

{Cozy Up studio sessions}

Cozy Up sessions were created with the holidays in mind.  Details are as follows:

  • When? Saturday, November 19th (Times remaining: 10:00am, 11:30am, 12:15pm, 1:00pm, 1:45pm, 2:30pm, and 3:15pm)
  • Where? My home studio in West Linn
  • Who? Up to three children
  • What? Twenty-minute sessions, six high-resolution images on a CD (in both color and black & white)final

Turnaround time is one week. Limited studio holiday clothing available for use. Holiday card design service available for additional cost, if desired.

{November Light}

October in Portland was one of the wettest months in history. So much so that I broke down and purchased a pair of bubble umbrellas for my subjects and disposable rain covers for my camera gear. November, on the other hand, has been dry and full of brilliant end-of-season color. And when the sun is out and the trees are full of color, it's hard not to smile. To laugh. And to feel, well, happy. And to capture this from behind the lens...it feels like a dream. Every time. Because in the words of Branch (the cantankerous Troll from the new movie), "Happiness is inside all of us, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it." And for me, sometimes that someone (or more than one someone) is the person I am watching. Following. And capturing, with and through my lens.

{fall sessions}

Family sessions are in full swing! There are still a limited number of openings, so take advantage of the vibrant colors and dry evenings before the clouds we know all too well in Oregon move in...and stay. 42153678910111213


There is nothing in this world more peaceful and profound than to be in the presence of a newborn baby. When time seems to stand still, if only for a moment, as the human eye and heart take in the blessing before it. Because as a mama to three, I know full well that new life is nothing short of a blessing. Where old and new, seasoned and fresh, big and itty bitty, ordinary and extraordinary intersect. When a newborn visits my studio, everything that was once on my mind before his/her arrival is washed away. And the one-week old, nine pound bundle featured below was no exception.    3 Blog5 BlogBlog 46 Blog1 Blog 2 Blog