{baby Davey}

If there is an age where a little person steals my heart (with hardly any effort), it's between 6-12 months. It's what I have deemed the "sweet spot." It's when they are just learning to sit up (or walk) and trying to figure out their little view of this great big thing called the world. It's when their facial expressions, unique chirping or babble sounds, eating habits, and belly laughs provide for endless hours of entertainment. It's when their messy kisses and sticky fingers and curled toes serve as reminders of the sweet stage they are in. So when my cousin expressed an interest in having me capture her darling seven month old during a visit to Oregon, I was probably more excited than she was. And if there is ever a scientific study on the correlation between personality and hair, I'd say there most certainly is a very strong one after spending time with this little fella.Image 2Inage 3Image 1