{Cozy Up studio sessions}

Cozy Up sessions were created with the holidays in mind.  Details are as follows:

  • When? Saturday, November 19th (Times remaining: 10:00am, 11:30am, 12:15pm, 1:00pm, 1:45pm, 2:30pm, and 3:15pm)
  • Where? My home studio in West Linn
  • Who? Up to three children
  • What? Twenty-minute sessions, six high-resolution images on a CD (in both color and black & white)final

Turnaround time is one week. Limited studio holiday clothing available for use. Holiday card design service available for additional cost, if desired.


There is nothing in this world more peaceful and profound than to be in the presence of a newborn baby. When time seems to stand still, if only for a moment, as the human eye and heart take in the blessing before it. Because as a mama to three, I know full well that new life is nothing short of a blessing. Where old and new, seasoned and fresh, big and itty bitty, ordinary and extraordinary intersect. When a newborn visits my studio, everything that was once on my mind before his/her arrival is washed away. And the one-week old, nine pound bundle featured below was no exception.    3 Blog5 BlogBlog 46 Blog1 Blog 2 Blog

{summer sessions}

I am now booking for a limited number of summer and fall sessions! And can I just say how dear the families represented in the images below are to me? Well, they are. Two beautiful Mama's who just so happen to be sisters, raising their little ones together. After watching their interactions, their joy, their laughter, and their closeness, I felt I got an authentic taste of what it would be like to have a sister. But since in reality I don't, the next best thing is to document those who do. If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that these kiddos are going to grow up knowing the true meaning of love...of family...and of belonging.1 2 3 4 to use 5

{woodland fairy}

Late in 2014 I headed North to Seattle for some traveling sessions. It rained the majority of our stay, but thankfully the clouds parted and the rain stopped at just the right times. My cousin, her husband, and their two precious children ventured out to a neighborhood park and I snapped away. My favorite images out of any session are typically the ones that portray the connections that are so unique to each family, whether they are between a husband and wife, brother and sister, or a parent and child. The moments that are natural, unscripted, and comfortable. This session had plenty of these moments...and on a side note, doesn't baby girl look like a little woodland fairy? Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

{baby Davey}

If there is an age where a little person steals my heart (with hardly any effort), it's between 6-12 months. It's what I have deemed the "sweet spot." It's when they are just learning to sit up (or walk) and trying to figure out their little view of this great big thing called the world. It's when their facial expressions, unique chirping or babble sounds, eating habits, and belly laughs provide for endless hours of entertainment. It's when their messy kisses and sticky fingers and curled toes serve as reminders of the sweet stage they are in. So when my cousin expressed an interest in having me capture her darling seven month old during a visit to Oregon, I was probably more excited than she was. And if there is ever a scientific study on the correlation between personality and hair, I'd say there most certainly is a very strong one after spending time with this little fella.Image 2Inage 3Image 1

{party of five}

I've had the privilege of capturing snippets of time for this family for over half a decade, since their firstborn was a bitty baby. And this Mama just happens to be a dear friend who I first met over two decades ago. From our senior road trip in high school to prom group to bridesmaid in my wedding, she has been instrumental in my life. With each photo session I have with them, I feel like I walk away with my heart a bit more full. This family is as comical as they are beautiful, as these images will attest to.Image 4 Image 2 Image 3 Image 1