{Color me H A P P Y}

Though the end of the season is near, the colorful Fall foliage is still going strong in these parts. Fall seems to have started later and lasted longer this year, as I can still look outside both my front and back doors and see the vibrant gold and orange and crimson red. In fact, the leaves have been so extraordinary this year (or perhaps it's not that they are any more extraordinary than in previous years, but it's just that we've slowed down enough to fully appreciate their beauty) that we collected our favorites, dipped them into melted beeswax, and plan to create a garland to hang and admire for many months to come (in all their preserved glory).

Along with the colors that Fall brings, it also ignites a spirit of gratitude. The kind of gratitude that is so big that it chokes out or dims the comparisons and "what I don't have" and what-the-stores-and-media-tell-me-I-need to be happy. And near the top of my list of gratitude is this: the very families that I am fortunate enough to document. Families who may be using my services for the first time or families who may be coming back for a third or fourth time. Families who trust me enough to allow their lives to candidly unfold, if only for an hour at a time, so that I can preserve their memories much like the beeswax is able to bring preservation to the leaves. And this family of five is no exception...

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