{four & fabulous}

While I have been listening to the voice of my clients and offering more mini sessions, I'm always thrilled when I have a full session.  I feel like I get to better know my subjects and in turn, capture more authentic, genuine, and relaxed expressions and interactions. This darling blond haired, blue-eyed, four-year-old girl's mommy got in touch with me quite a while back. After speaking and communicating several times, I felt we already knew each other when we first met at the start of the session. She wanted to include something in the session that reflected this current stage in life. I have to admit, when I think about having pictures taken of my own children, rarely do I stop to think about what they would prefer to wear or what they would prefer to be photographed with. Well, she selected the dress for her daughter to wear, and in turn, let her daughter choose an outfit. Skinny jeans, a Peanuts top, and bare feet were the winners. She also brought their dog, who turned out to be a great sport. And she ensured her daughter had a two-hour nap before the session, and mentioned treating her to Salt & Straw right after. The weather, lighting, flow, cooperation, and fun had at this session could not have been better, in my opinion. Once again, I am speechlessly honored I was chosen to document these moments. 1 723 48 56 9