{girl in gingham}

Audrey Hepburn once said that "happy girls are the prettiest." Well, they are. Whether it's a joy-filled toddler, an upbeat tween, or a positive parent, they are the ones I find myself drawn to. And they are the ones I most enjoy photographing. Because genuine joy cannot be masked, nor can it be contained. It flows out and through. Joy in the good times is easy. It's finding joy in the trials of life that takes practice. I've always marveled at the way some of my friends shop. They can walk into a consignment store and somehow manage to walk out with statement items. I can walk into the same store with the same inventory and the same opportunity to walk out with those items, yet I fail to find them or see their potential in the midst of the less favorable ones. Hardships are like the used and dingy items while I like to think of joy as the unworn, like-new items. As I am learning how to be a better second hand shopper, I am also learning to be a better joy seeker. Because Audrey was exactly right: there is beauty in joy.Scarlett 1 Scarlett 2 Scarlett 3