Magical families in magical locations make my "job" as a photographer just that...MAGICAL! If I could spend the rest of my days writing and photographing, I'd be thrilled. I love to put my pen on paper (I'm still 'old school' and prefer handwritten over typed), without any agenda, and see what comes out. Photography is no different. Before a session I charge my battery. Format my memory cards. Pack my lenses. And without any agenda, I click to capture a scene or chapter or bridge that makes up a story. Your story. Or maybe your children's story. Or possibly your parent's story. A story that unfolds now only to be told and retold for years and generations to come. And for me, that's some kind of magic.

Also, Spring & Summer sessions are in full swing. Perhaps the question I'm asked most frequently is: "Should I book a Spring/Summer session or a Fall session for my family?" And quite honestly, it depends on two factors: location and clothing. If bountiful blossoms and bare feet are what you envision, the former may be better. But if Fall foliage and the very start of sweater weather are more appealing, my recommendation is the latter.