{moments today, memories tomorrow}

All across social media, from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, I see images and quotes and reminders to live in the moment. To be all there. To allow the past and the future to fade, and the present to become the focus. To slow down. To notice that split second between the inhale and the exhale. To let the moments guide us instead of us guiding them. To realize that life is not about the things one accumulates, but rather, the moments one can tally. Moments today, memories tomorrow. This is something I am challenged by, daily. And of all the images and quotes and reminders I've seen, nothing quite compares to the power of seeing a family live this out. Not just live it out, but live it out well. Right in front of my eyes and camera. Photographer's can edit so many different aspects of an image, from the scenery to flyaway hairs. Objects can be added to an image that weren't really there, just in the same manner objects can be removed. But not even the greatest photographer can add a connection that didn't exist. The connection that comes with living in the present and being all there. As I edited the images from this beautiful family's session, I realized they have the very thing that so many of us are searching for: the authentic connection and immeasurable joy that are byproducts of living in the moment.Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 6 Image 7Image 5