{the G R E A T outdoors}

When I began preparing for this family session, I knew the wide open outdoors were going to be perfect for capturing them in their element. Warming up for the camera doesn't always happen naturally or quickly; however, I have yet to photograph two brothers who weren't able to warm up in the great outdoors. Surrounded by rocks and sticks and trees and D I R T...they explored, I documented. They played, I documented. They hugged, I documented. They smiled, I documented. And just when I was warming up (because photographers, too, need a moment to warm up and get in sync with the subjects they are photographing), I did the unthinkable. I asked the boys if they wanted to play ring-a-round-the-rosie. Their dad looked at me, jaw on the ground, and replied, "Uh, you didn't just say that." So, I walked away from this session learning something new. Because we're all learning, right? That incident aside, this family was wonderful to watch and interact with and document. And it wasn't until I was editing the final images that I saw a little story unfold before my eyes. A story that began long before I entered the picture with my camera. A story that started with a couple who fell in love and created two little lads who just so happened to be in front of my camera on this very evening. And as with every session, it is my goal for this family to one day be able to look back at these images and see and feel and hear a little piece of their story.Image 1Image 2Image 5Image 3